My Shopee is now open for business

That’s right…LPF Shopee is open – just like me!

I am so thrilled that you can now have my pee-roducts delivered to your door.

Every purchase will help me get through school and let me keep on making more pee videos and pics.

What can you get?

Bottles of my lovely pee.

Suggestions and comments

I now have a page for my lovely members to make suggestions and comments. So if there is something you would like me to do or make for the shopee, then please tell me here.


Quick Pee #2

I took my iPhone into the toilet just for you.

I know some of you like a little bit ‘fur’ – I had not shaved for a few days, so you can see the result.

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My kitchen has so many ‘toys!’

I love playing with things from the kitchen.

I like the idea that someone will be cooking with my ‘toys’ and only I will know.




The spatula from the kitchen. I used it to make a cake earlier and it just looked such a good thing to play with.

The soft silicone edges fit nicely between my pissy pussy lips (that started as a typo and turned into alliteration). I push it up against my clit and rub in small circles, up and down. More circles. I release.

Warm liquid everywhere. Did I piss myself? Did I squirt? Did I cum? Coconut oil drips down my inner thigh.


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