BIG NEWS – I’m now on PornHub

I’m on PornHub

OK, I have joined PornHub.

Why, because I really want loads of people to see me peeing. It is such a thrill to know thousands of people – mainly guys – have seen me there already.

There are some things I cannot put on PornHub though. So, I will still be posting those here. But not as frequently. If you are a member, you will get an email when I post something new here.

But, importantly, this will be the place to buy my ‘products’ and order custom videos. My Shopee will be here for you.

My name there is Mary-LPF.

My page is:


I hope to see you over at PornHub,

Mary XXX

Pee Close-ups

Sir came over and wanted to take some photos of my pussy while I peed.

I had forgotten to shave, but he said that my pussy still looked nice with a bit of 5-o’clock shadow. I hope you like the photos he took.

If you are a member, leave a comment on my Comment/Request page telling what naughty thoughts you had looking at the photos.

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Tampout – Tampin! Having fun with a soaked tampon

Yes, that’s right!

A whole video of me at that ‘time of the month’

See me pull down my panties and show you my pussy and the panty-liner. Then I pull out the tampon that has been right inside my pussy for a whole day and soaked with my fluids – pussy juice and blood. I even had even a very close up slow-motion replay put in the clip, so you see every little detail of the soaked tampon cumming out of my wet pussy – and a little bit of fun rewinding so the tampon cums in and out a few times.

I got so wet I saw the video – I really haven’t seen it from this angle before and did not know how hot it looks. I know you will love this video.

You have to be a paid member to see this video. No visitors or trial members – this is very personal and just for my real friends.

Join now!

Get one of soaked Tampons or Panty-Liners…

Even if you are not a member, you can order a used panty-liner or tampon from my store – BUT members will get priority as there are just so many tampons and panty-liners I can soak each month.

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I make such good pancakes – Part 1

I love cooking…

Specially if I can make something that I can use my special ingredient in.

The other day I decided to make Pee-ancakes. I made it into a ‘cooking with pee’ show.

I hope you like the first part…

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Requests & Comments

I really want to please…

I love doing naughty things for my fans.

If you are a member, you can make suggestions on my new Requests & Comments page.

I am really looking forward to hearing what you want me to do. I hope you make them very naughty and VERY wet. In fact I am getting VERY wet just thinking about things you might want me do.