An Early (or late) Xmas Treat

I just found this one from when I was in Vancouver.

There was a little pine tree near my apartment that was needing to be watered. So I ‘watered’ it in the way I know best.

It was winter, so a little cold. If you look closely, you can see some ‘steam’ rising.

Some people saw me while I was ‘watering’.

I do get ‘wet’ when I know people are watching.

Hope you get a little ‘hard’ watching me as well.

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Peeing in the Snow

I just found this iPhone video from last winter. I forgot my friend took it while we were coming home from a club in Montreal.

I really needed to pee so much that I just pulled down my tights and peed in a snow bank near the club. It was sooo cold that my ‘lips’ nearly froze.

Sorry, it is a little fuzzy and my friend’s thumb gets in the way, but it was -24 centigrade at the time ;-P BUT, you can still my frozen arse and steaming then freezing when it hits the snow.

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Peeing on the Train Home

I came back from peeing on some Toronto friends on Monday.

I was on the train and I really love seeing how long I can hold my pee in before I burst.

I was squirming so much the guy sitting next to me thought I was crazy.

Finally I went to washroom in the carriage and let it all out.

The vibrations of the train really made me so hot and horney.

I know you love this video even though it is a bit ‘shakey’.

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Nice Close-up of My Peeing

I like this video. Specially the way my pussy lips flap about from the force of my peeing. I had just woken up and I really had a lot of pee in my bladder.

I am really happy my room-mate had a phone handy to capture this.

It was so hot having someone so close making the video. The phone got a little wet, but it is OK.

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You will love these pee pics

My room-mate helped me with some really close-up pics of me – well what else – peeing.

They are so good! I get hot looking at them

She really caught my pee in frozen state.

Just thinking of you looking at these makes me so hot and wet – I need to pee again.

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My Pee Factory – Cleaning the Equipment

Some of you really appreciated that I do a ‘quality assurance’ tasting before I bottle my pee. Some others asked how I make sure that ‘equipment’ is cleaned after a bottling session. Here are some pics of how I ‘clean’ the ‘source’.

I also make sure my feet are clean (just for my foot-fetish’ fans.)

I will post a video of ‘cleaning’ the equipment in the next few days JUST for my members, so watch out for it.