You will love these pee pics

My room-mate helped me with some really close-up pics of me – well what else – peeing.

They are so good! I get hot looking at them

She really caught my pee in frozen state.

Just thinking of you looking at these makes me so hot and wet – I need to pee again.

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My Pee Factory – Cleaning the Equipment

Some of you really appreciated that I do a ‘quality assurance’ tasting before I bottle my pee. Some others asked how I make sure that ‘equipment’ is cleaned after a bottling session. Here are some pics of how I ‘clean’ the ‘source’.

I also make sure my feet are clean (just for my foot-fetish’ fans.)

I will post a video of ‘cleaning’ the equipment in the next few days JUST for my members, so watch out for it.

My Pee Bottling Factory

You know that in my Shoppee you can order bottles of my tasty pee.

Well, I thought you might like to see how it is produced and bottled.

I have strict quality control procedures and make sure that I only bottle the best of my pee for you.

My pee is also the main the ingredient for all the dishes I make for SIR. He loves my Pee-ancakes and Pee-asta!

You can make some of my recipes as well with your very own bottles of my pee.

Pee S: I will be posting a video of the ‘factory’ soon. Watch out for it if you are a member.


  • A little bubble fun to start
    A little bubble fun to start
  • Producing the product
    Producing the product
  • I like to get my product 'mid-stream' the best flavour
    I like to get my product 'mid-stream' the best flavour
  • Oh, a full batch ready for bottling
    Oh, a full batch ready for bottling
  • Would you like to drink it right from the source?
    Would you like to drink it right from the source?
  • Nearly ready to bottle
    Nearly ready to bottle
  • First, quality assurance test
    First, quality assurance test
  • Yes, it tastes just right
    Yes, it tastes just right
  • Now to fill the bottles
    Now to fill the bottles
  • This batch is for SIR, your bottle will be bigger
    This batch is for SIR, your bottle will be bigger


New Shoes – time to play

SIR bought some new shoes and I thought I would try them IN not ON.

The heal felt so good stroking my clit and inside my pussy. I came three times!!!

Here are some pics from the video I made that I will be posting  later this week.

Hope they get you a bit hot and stiff.

  • New Shoes
    New Shoes
    Sir gave me new shoes. I had to try them IN as soon as I saw them.

My kitchen has so many ‘toys!’

I love playing with things from the kitchen.

I like the idea that someone will be cooking with my ‘toys’ and only I will know.




The spatula from the kitchen. I used it to make a cake earlier and it just looked such a good thing to play with.

The soft silicone edges fit nicely between my pissy pussy lips (that started as a typo and turned into alliteration). I push it up against my clit and rub in small circles, up and down. More circles. I release.

Warm liquid everywhere. Did I piss myself? Did I squirt? Did I cum? Coconut oil drips down my inner thigh.


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Odd objects

Don’t leave your toothbrush around…

I get so horny in the bath.

I like long thin small items.
Don’t tell, I found my room-mates tooth brush, but I prefer the ones that vibrate slightly ;-P



PSsssss – I had a little smirk when they brushed their teeth later that night.

My razor is multi-use as well

Shaving_0203 (1)_Wm