My kitchen has so many ‘toys!’

I love playing with things from the kitchen.

I like the idea that someone will be cooking with my ‘toys’ and only I will know.




The spatula from the kitchen. I used it to make a cake earlier and it just looked such a good thing to play with.

The soft silicone edges fit nicely between my pissy pussy lips (that started as a typo and turned into alliteration). I push it up against my clit and rub in small circles, up and down. More circles. I release.

Warm liquid everywhere. Did I piss myself? Did I squirt? Did I cum? Coconut oil drips down my inner thigh.


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Odd objects

Don’t leave your toothbrush around…

I get so horny in the bath.

I like long thin small items.
Don’t tell, I found my room-mates tooth brush, but I prefer the ones that vibrate slightly ;-P



PSsssss – I had a little smirk when they brushed their teeth later that night.

My razor is multi-use as well

Shaving_0203 (1)_Wm


Showing you my holes

My gaping holes


I bend over and show them for you.
Which do you order when you want take out?

Reach for the best. Touch my smoothness. Let me sit on your face so you can taste my sweet pussy juices forming for you.

Pick a place to lick up everything.



If you look closely, you can see inside my vagina 😉

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Pics: A Double Double

After my pissing in the video ‘Pissing in the Park for Mark’, I found a Tim Hortons cup.

What a shame, I had peed so much making the video that there was nothing left to do a ‘Double Double’.

But my friend could not resist making me pull down my pants and pose. I was a little scared, I was right beside the road and a cyclist who came past nearly rode into a tree.

I think you will like the nice view of cheeks and ‘lips’ – no not the ones on my face, silly!

Mary ♥




Member Pic: It happens every month

These are very special pics and I am only sharing them with very special members.

I am a little bit embarrassed about posting these two pics. They are not of me peeing.

I have never shown anyone what I look like at that time in the month. But, someone asked me nicely…

Do you think I should post some every month? It would be very naughty but, if you want me to I will do it for you.

Should I also post some pics of the tampons and pads as well? Maybe someone would want them as well… I know how naughty some of you are and you know how naughty I am.

Let me know what you think. Email me:

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